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Rosalee McShane

Viewing the world through someone else’s lens can be inspiring. But traveling allows me to not just see the beauty of the world around me, but to fully experience and savor it with all of my senses so that the photographs I take to remember can transport me in time back to that place.

My favorite vacation memory

Sometimes the most memorable moments on a vacation are the things that go wrong (and the laughter that ensues). So whether it be crashing my bike in a bush in japan or the granny panties we found stuck to the towel my child dried off with in Switzerland, what I really remember is laughing hysterically with my family and having truly entertaining stories to tell from all around the world.

My best/favorite souvenir

I choose jewelry or holiday ornaments most places I go. Wearing beautiful jewelry from places I’ve traveled makes me smile and reminisce, and sometimes is even a conversation starter! Holiday ornaments fill my tree with memories and allow my family and I to remember and reflect on all our travel memories together during the holidays.

The best vacation I’ve ever taken

A two-month trip to japan was not only one of the most extensive trips I’ve taken, but also one of the most rewarding. Spending significant time in the beautiful country of japan allowed me to not only experience tourist attractions and highlights, but also to see the beauty in everyday life and in the Japanese culture.

My travel bucket list

My list is constantly growing and changing! There aren’t many places I don’t actually want to go but after knocking out 9 new countries this past summer, here’s my current wish list!

  • Galapagos Islands
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Kauai
  • New Zealand
  • French Polynesian Islands
  • Peru
  • Ireland
  • Alaska
  • England

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