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My motto is to, “Live Small and Travel Big!”

When you think back to all the gifts you have ever received, it’s sometimes hard to remember just what the gift was or who you received it from. However, when you travel and experience different cultures, topography, scenery, and adventures, those are the things you remember and cherish your whole life. It is said that a tourist forgets where they have been but a traveler doesn’t know where they are going. It’s my goal to give you the experience of being a traveler. Exploring those places that will give you something that you will remember for a life time. 

My favorite vacation memory: My favorite vacation memory has to be all the times we took our children snow skiing. Even at an early age and when my children were younger, I always had a desire to travel and create memories. I can still close my eyes and see my now 30, 27, and 25 year old children racing down the mountain at the ages of 10, 7, and 5.  I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  

My Best/Favorite Souvenir: I think my best souvenir was getting my granddaughters a Tiffany necklace purchased in Switzerland. I sometimes have a hard time remembering things I buy for my granddaughters so attaching the necklaces to a travel experience made it that much more memorable.

The BEST Vacation I’ve Ever Taken: I recently went on an Avalon River Cruise with my husband and 8 of my closest friends and family. We traveled down the Rhine River that started in Switzerland and ended in Amsterdam. Wow is all I can say! We were able to spend a couple extra nights in Zurich before getting on the river cruise. From walking across the 14th-century Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), to taking a cable car ride up to Mt Pilatus, everything we saw and experienced was just magical. Our Avalon River cruise visited  Breisach Germany, Strasbourg France then back to Germany to the towns of Heidelberg, Mainz, Rüdesheim–Rhine Gorge–Koblenz, and Cologne ending in Amsterdam. We were able to get authentic experiences at every stop we made. This cruise has sparked my passion to travel the world. 

My Travel Bucket List: My ultimate travel experience would be to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy. After researching a trip for a client, I discovered what could be classified as a fairytale vacation. The views are breathtaking from every angle along the cliffs looking down to the bluest of blue water. The old town is vibrant with authentic Italian restaurants and shops. While I am there, I would also visit the quaint little town of Sorrento and take a boat over to the Isle of Capri.

When did my love of travel begin?

It’s funny how it all started. In the beginning I was always afraid to travel, at least to get on a plane that is. I had a dear friend who encouraged me to go on a trip to Chicago with her and a few other ladies. I was terrified to leave my family and also terrified that something would happen on the plane. I think we all have that in the back of our minds. I remember crying as I boarded and she talked to me the whole time. Well that is all it took, the travel bug bit me. I had so much fun seeing another part of our country. Since that trip, I find every opportunity to travel and experience different parts of the world. 


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