Travel Hut Group is here for your honeymoon needs. We want to plan the BEST honeymoon possible for you and your (future) life partner! We access your wants and needs for a honeymoon and plan an experience that you will never forget!


Where to Begin your Planning

Honeymoons are a state of mind. Your dreams as well as a host of practical elements have to be combined to make it perfect.

Remember, your honeymoon is not only a romantic trip. It is a chance to relax and spend time together after the wedding. In fact, it is the time when your new life together really begins.

Here for you a list of key questions to guide your talk with your partner:

Do we want a destination wedding?
Do we want to save or splurge? Can we afford luxury rooms and memory-making activities?
Do we want to learn a sport or activity that we can enjoy together back home?
Do we want sun and beach, a natural area, a colonial town or city, or a resort in the middle of the forest?
Do we want an all-inclusive resort? a boutique hotel? a bungalow?

Whether you are celebrating a special anniversary or a once in a lifetime honeymoon.  Call and let us find the getaway that will best fit your needs and your budget.  Let us add value to your stay by including Honeymoon and Anniversary packages when available.

Call your honeymoon specialist today!


HoneyMoon Registry
HoneyMoon Registry