Paris, France

France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its capital, is famed for its fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theater and the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history.

5:30 AM is the best time to take in the Marche de Rungis in the
Paris suburbs, the largest fresh produce market in the world discover delights of all kinds as a local food expert takes you through
their favorite stalls and then onward to a divine tasting.

The French Alps are a paradise all their own, with traditional hearty
mountain food that awaits from farm-produced cheeses, grass-fed
meats and gorgeous creamy fondues.

Meet up early with a chef at Marche aux Poissons in Marseilles for
the freshest seafood selection around, while he chooses what
delicacies will be in the day’s bouillabaisse.

The Luberon truffle hunters and their talented dogs will work with
you to sniff out these treasures from December to March in Parc du
Luberon, complemented by a gorgeous lunch.

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