Travel Hut Rita

RitaI specialize in Incentive and Corporate Travel.

I started over 20 years ago in the hotel Industry exploring all departments ranging  from hotel and front office management to reservations and  sales/catering management. I truly believe there is a perfect hotel chain for each company and really enjoy making that perfect fit and making sure each part of their travel process runs perfect without any issues. I have the contacts, knowledge, and experience to get my clients from one place to another whether it is a small or large group.

I can negotiate special rates to fit any budget and still help the company complete their needs in their lodging program.

If your company is looking for a corporate Incentive or safety program, I can definitely help you in this area.  We can set up a “WOW” corporate getaway or simply instill a safety incentive program which would really encourage  the employees to be safe and really make the corporate office happy!!