Finland Northern Lights

Finland is located in Northern Europe and borders Norway, Sweden, and Russia. It is one of the world’s most technologically developed countries. Helsinki, the capital, is a lively city on the Baltic Sea where you can find the Suomenlinna sea fortress built in the 18th century. The rural wilderness of Finland is a great place for hiking, camping, and seeing the phenomena such as the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the Midnight Sun. Many national parks with both easy and difficult hiking routes dot the countryside. Stepping into a sauna after a hike or ice fishing is an important part of Finnish culture and there are over 2 million in total all over the country.

While you are there you can not forget to visit Santa Claus and do the Reindeer Experience by Snowmobile

Let’s visit the Santa Claus Holiday Village and cross the Arctic Circle! The tour starts at the office where you will be provided with professional winter equipment for Snowmobiling. The adventure starts when you will get your Snowmobile and set off to the Arctic Circle.
The first must-to-do in Santa Claus Village is to cross the Arctic Circle! Close your eyes, hold hands, make a wish, and cross it. Remember
that you are at the magical place and no doubt – the wish comes true!

Right behind the Arctic Circle is located Santa’s Office where Santa Claus is waiting for you. The third important place is Santa’s Postal
Office. There are you can find a countless number of letters from children around the world. Write your own letter to whom you wish and
send it right away!
After the traditional Finnish buffet, you will continue the Snowmobile experience to Santa’s Reindeer. The reindeer herder tells you about
husbandry, reindeer’s daily life, and answer the questions. The reindeer’s sleigh is waiting for you outside to show the most wonderful
Lappish Forest. By the snowy trails, you will have a ride about 1 km. Don’t forget to take the memorable photos during the ride!