Caribbean Updates


In September 2017, hurricanes Irma and Maria swept over a small part of the region and caused destruction to some of our Caribbean countries. Caribbean Travel Update highlights that the Caribbean is an archipelago that contains more than 7,000 individual islands spread over 1-million-square-miles and that over 70 percent of our Caribbean destinations were left untouched by the storms and continued to operate as normal.  The majority of our hotels and tourism businesses across the region are fully operational and open for business.

Since the storms, those countries  that had been affected are on the road back and are at various stages of recovery and have organized a number of travel offerings for visitors. We encourage you to take a look, see which ones interest you and book your travel to the Caribbean. After all, the best way to assist the region is to visit the region.

To our trade partners, thank you for promoting the Caribbean! To our visitors, thank you for traveling to the Caribbean!

Islands on the path for recovery are:

Anguilla Anguilla has been steadily bouncing back from Hurricane Irma’s devastation and is open for business. Power and telecommunications are restored. Major infrastructure has been restored or are in progress. Many hotels and guest houses are open for business.

Barbuda with its approximately 1,600 residents, was severely impacted by the hurricane which passed directly over the small island, resulting in one fatality. The Prime Minister, Gaston Browne said 90 percent of homes were destroyed. Barbuda’s hotel infrastructure was also damaged, but with less than 100 hotel rooms the overall effect on Antigua & Barbuda tourism as a whole is minimal.

British Virgin Islands
More than eight months after mighty Hurricane Irma tore through the British Virgin Islands, the idyllic destination has made significant progress in restoring its celebrated tourism product. And of course, the best way for travelers to boost recovery efforts is to simply book a trip.

The Nature Island of the Caribbean, has launched its “ReDiscover Dominica Campaign” to encourage travelers to visit the island. Visitors, friends of Dominica, and Dominicans can enjoy discounts on a trip to the Nature Island and, in doing so, help the country on its path to recovery.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has been open for tourism as of last holiday season where more than 100 hotels were open and operating. More than four thousand restaurants are taking orders and serving up delicious cuisine. Major tourism attractions Island-wide have been cleaned up and restored.

St Barths
St. Barths is recovering well after the passage of Hurricane Irma. Cruise ships returned beginning October 31, 2017. Flights resumed at Gustaf III Airport on October 1, 2017. Electricity, water and telecommunication systems are up and running throughout the island. Debris has been cleared from the roadways and all roads are fully accessible.

The Department of Tourism looks forward to welcoming visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands! Our recovery from last year’s storms has been very strong. Power has been restored, beaches and attractions have reopened, restaurants are serving up extraordinary dishes, and the USVI spirit is as warm and inviting as ever. Airlines and cruise lines have returned to our shores, and many hotels, bed and breakfasts and condominiums are available to overnight visitors even as our rebuilding work continues. The USVI yachting industry is unrivaled, and we have wonderful villas to accommodate groups large and small. More hotels will open near the end of 2018, and we are confident we will have an even better tourism product. Please contact your airline, accommodations provider and/or travel advisor for specific updates before you travel. The best way to continue help the Territory is to visit us!

St Maarten / St Martin
The population has remained positive and works hard together to rebuild the island since Hurricane Irma last summer. Both airports are fully operational and run around 60 flights a week from 12 airlines. Cruise ports are open and many hotels and restaurants back in business or slated to re-open. St. Martin’s government announced a 10-year tourism plan last November, and Ms. Richardson said that the first few years of it are devoted, in part, to hurricane recovery. The Dutch government is helping with the recovery by providing the island with 550 million euros (about $634 million) in aid.