Courtney Henson

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow

– Anita Desai

Traveling is a new passion for me…

Courtney Henson
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I decided to make an intentional effort to travel more because I want to experience amazing places across the world with my husband and my children (while they still want to be around me and aren’t embarrassed of me).  I’m blessed with a supportive husband, Jared, and two boys — Keller, 11, and Beckett, 9.  Together, we want to see as many new places around the world as possible. 

I think it’s important for us to teach our children about different cultures and ways of life, from food to fun and everything in between. 

My goal is to help you and your family accomplish this as well, with the best service I can give.  I hope you will entrust me to plan amazing trips that accommodate you and your family in all aspects of travel.

My favorite vacation memory

I have several favorite memories, but those that stick out the most right now are watching my boys experience the thrills of Walt Disney World.  The sheer joy on their faces is so wonderful to see, and we always enjoy looking back at photos of them on the thrill rides and laughing over the hilarious faces they make.

My best/favorite souvenir

My favorite souvenir and the one I have gotten the most use out of is a lovely Batik wrap that I purchased in St. Kitts.  This Caribbean island is known for its sugar cane and its Batik.  I use my wrap all summer long when I’m at the pool or the beach with my family, and I love that it’s not just a print, but actually fabric woven by hand to create a beautiful floral pattern.

The best vacation I’ve ever taken

Definitely Costa Rica, 2009.  This was the most adventurous and physically demanding trip I’ve ever been on, and I loved the challenge!  We rode horses and hiked through the rainforest, zip-lined over 20 miles, walked through local shop and restaurants, and surfed in the Pacific.  It was an amazing trip that I’ll never forget.

My travel bucket list

All of the Mediterranean countries, the Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, The Baltic countries, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Alaska, Washington D.C., Canada, Peru, the list goes on and on…

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