Cook feijoada in the home of a Brazilian local and hear their
fascinating stories told with high energy about local daily life.
Get taken to all of the best hidden boutiques and luxury shops in Sao
Paulo with a personal shopper who will introduce you to some of
Brazil’s hottest designers who can work with you for a tailor made
wardrobe (or just a few bathing suits!).

Get in the heart of futebol fever and head to a game, we’ll help you
equip yourself with suggestions of teams to see, what to wear and
how to cheer like a local.

Cruise Rio by sidecar on your own exploration of the city with a
mapped out guide of the coolest, most hip hangout spots or learn to
samba with a dance professional and head out to strut your stuff.
Trek the Amazon, visit with villages rarely seen from the outside and
experience an ancient way of life

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