Group Travel

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Do you have a fun group of people you love to be around?

Why not see some of the most fascinating places in the world together?

The Travel Hut Group strives to provide you with great options in booking your groups of all shapes and sizes!

When you have a group of 10 Passengers OR 5 Rooms or more; in most cases, your group is eligible to receive a dedicated promotional code discount!

We make Group Travel Easy!

Save up to $225 with discounts exclusive to your group
Enjoy complimentary hotel stays and inclusions at many of our Preferred Properties
Custom Event Web Pages – Customization, cutting-edge webpage for your group
No need to sign a group contract (*depending on the type of group)!
We book all of your travelers, even if they live in different cities across the globe!
We offer All-In-One Travel Protection – just so that if the unexpected happens, everyone in your group is taken care of!

Our Group Travel Solutions are Ideal for Clients needing our help in coordinating travel for large numbers of people traveling together

    • We can book guests from any origin and the hotel will still see you as coming as one group
    • We  customize every booking to the client’s individual travel needs
  •  We Specialize in Small groups (as little as 5 rooms) and Large groups
  • Domestic and International Groups

 Group Travel Planning Tips

Plan Together

It is important that you meet to plan the trip. Meeting in advance will help ensure that you all pick the right flights and have a set itinerary. You also want to ensure that you are taking everyone’s needs into account when planning activities and excursions. Be sure that everyone can customize their vacation experience.

Get Everyone Involved

It’s important that everyone gets involved in the vacation process. Split up preparation tasks to make sure that the planning is easy and quick. Planning is exciting to some and stressful to others. Be sure to choose wisely who gets involved in each role.

Have Group and Personal Experiences

You want to make sure that your plans include group outings so that you can have fun as a group. It is also fine to split up once in a while to have individual adventures. Just come back together afterward to discuss your days.

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