From wandering the ancient sidewalks of Rome to cruising the canals of Venice, nothing seduces like a slice of la dolce vita in Italy.

Only in Italy can you break your pizza-eating best in Naples, down limoncello like it’s going out of fashion in Sorrento, and fine-tune the art of wandering through masterpiece-filled museums in Florence. Get into the good life by cycling across Tuscany’s hinterland, go hiking among olive groves along the Amalfi coast or set off on a sailing trip around the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Growing gourmet is the lifeblood and livelihood for many Italians, so there’s plenty to try and taste as you adventure around. The food is phenomenal, but the people are what make it. Italy’s got it all and more… to boot!

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Consider Apulia, one of the most authentic and deeply delicious
culinary treasure troves of Italy whose soul is expressed through
it’s gorgeous wine & food characteristics.

The dream of every gourmet is truly the Itria Valley where one
can indulge in gorgeous unique Mediterranean cuisine cooked in
a simple, slow manner to enhance the flavor of the dish, along
with traditional Apulian wines.

Imagine a chocolate tasting in the sky! Head up to a terrace 100
meters high where a maître chocolatier by the renowned T’a
Chocolate Shop will meet you and be on hand to serve you a
gorgeous variety of his specialties. Imagine pairing this with a

Pair every experience with a stay in a private villa or castle!

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Call for an amazing vacation 281-377-3488
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